Budgeting Basics

Class Summary

BUD478 5.0 Combinable
One 7-hour session
Diane Geshwind

Supervisors who are responsible for developing and administering expense budgets for their work units.

  • Learn how the budgeting process is supposed to work.
  • Learn how to make the process work for you.

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • How public budgets are structured and developed in Arizona
  • How to prepare and present budget proposals that support your agency's mission and objectives
  • How to monitor budgets and evaluate budget variances
  • How to prevent cost-cutting solutions with confidence
  • Introduction
    • The purpose of budgeting
    • Why budgeting is difficult
    • How to make the process work
  • Budget Preparation
    • Conventional budgeting
    • Zero-based budgeting
    • Defining objectives
    • Identifying expense components
    • Formulating assumptions
    • Evaluating alternatives
    • Projecting expenses
  • Budget Administration
    • Standard practices
    • Variance reports
  • Budget Presentation
    • Communicating concisely
    • Communicating Confidently