Building Resiliency

How to Meet Stress Head-on and Bounce Back in Record Time

Class Summary

In a world of constant stress, the ability to bounce back more quickly and deeply can be a literal life saver.   Research shows that certain behaviors, thoughts, and actions can actually help us reduce the effects of stress.   In this half-day workshop you will learn to develop your own resiliency and help others be more resilient too.

WEL103 3.5
One 4-hour session
Michael Horne

Anyone who would like to recover more quickly from life’s stressors.

  • Less stress
  • Greater productivity
  • More enjoyment in life

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • List the characteristics of resiliency
  • Assess your own resiliency behaviors
  • Identify 10 specific steps for building resiliency
  • Create a personal resiliency plan
  • Help your family and friends develop resiliency
  • What is resiliency?
    • Resiliency self-assessment
    • Resiliency video
  • Attitudes that foster resiliency
    • Flexibility
    • Changing our interpretations of events – optimism and resiliency
    • Perspective
    • Looking for the opportunities
    • Self-confidence
  • Behaviors that foster resiliency
    • Goal setting
    • Problem Solving
    • Boundary setting
    • Self care
    • Self discovery
  • Creating a personal resiliency plan
  • Teaching resiliency to your family