Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

Career-Critical Skills for Today's Workplace

Class Summary

(based on last 3 sessions)

Good problem solving and decision making is critical to career success no matter what your role in the organization.  With rapid change bombarding us from all sides, the ability to apply logical, critical and creative thinking to a wide range of problems is more important than ever before. In this practical, one-day program you will learn powerful techniques used by top decision makers everywhere.

SUP19 0.5 Combinable 0.47
One 7-hour session

Anyone who would like to be known for quality problem solving and decision making abilities.

  • Accurate problem identification.
  • Higher quality decisions.
  • Lasting solutions.
  • Enhanced value to the organization.

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Identify your style of decision making.
  • Overcome personal blocks to effective decision making.
  • Use proven models to identify problems correctly.
  • Use foolproof methods for generating ideas and "thinking outside the box."
  • Use proven techniques for making effective decisions.
  • Describe the process for problem solving and decision making as part of a group.
  • Identify strategies for improving your problem solving and decision making abilities.
  • Discovering your decision-making style
    • Incorporating your problem solving style into a structured format
    • Use decision-making techniques that work for you
  • Why some problems are difficult to solve
    • The psychology of decision making
    • Personal blocks to effective decision making
    • Developing strategies to increase your decision-making effectiveness.
  • The problem solving model
    • The most effective model for solving problems
    • The role of intuition in decision making
    • Problem solving model for personal decisions
  • Tools that help in every step of the decision making process
    • Clarifying the problem
    • Developing the options of possible solutions
    • How to choose the best option
    • Implementing your best option
  • Thinking outside the box
    • Methods to kick-start your creativity
    • Using creativity to identify break through solutions
    • What to do when creativity gets ahead of practicality
  • Solving a problem as a part of a group
    • Overcoming group barriers
    • Reaching consensus
    • Dealing with resistance