Humor, Laughter, and Play

Skills for a Happier, Healthier Life

Class Summary

(based on last 3 sessions)

The secret is out.  The mind-body connection is real.  How you think and what you choose to focus on has a direct connection to your health and well-being.

Laughter produces chemicals that enhance your immune system and can help protect against heart disease. Even more good news is that humor and a sense of fun can be learned and developed.

In this half-day program you’ll learn the scientific basis behind the prescription of humor, laughter, and play; you’ll practice a variety of humor techniques;  and you’ll have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Still not convinced? You may be interested to know that in a study conducted by Robert Half International, humor was identified as a management competency.  “Managers who can laugh at themselves or difficult situations are often seen as more approachable and in touch with the challenges their teams face.  Levity also can be used to build rapport among staff and ease stressful situations.”


WEL45 3.5 Combinable 0.27
One 4-hour session

Anyone who would like to develop the wellness and interpersonal skills of humor, laughter, and play.

  • Reduce stress and ease tension.
  • Help build a stronger immune system.
  • Gain perspective in difficult situations.
  • Improve relationships at work and at home.

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the psychological, intellectual, emotional, and physical benefits of humor and play.
  • List specific techniques that can be used in your daily life to improve well-being.
  • Experience exercises designed to teach the power of humor in managing stress.
  • Describe ways to enjoy your work more by taking yourself lightly while taking your job seriously.

1. Humor, Laughter, and play–the world’s #1 miracle drug

  • Psychological, intellectual and emotional benefits
  • Social and physical benefits

2. Tool time

  • Humor styles and development
  • Phyllis Diller principle: Learning to take yourself lightly
  • A T & T humor

3. Aikido skills

  • Managing conflict to turn abusing experiences into amusing ones
  • Handling stress
  • 103 ideas to make work fun!

4. Laurel and Hardy principle

  • Humor allies
  • Bringing humor into the environment

5. Potential playtime ideas

  • Renewal of play
  • Perspective of play

6. Choosing the amusing