The Manager’s Academy

Class Summary

(based on last 3 sessions)

In today’s dynamic workplace, managers need a broad set of skills to be successful.  The Manager’s Academy covers key managerial competencies and runs once a week over a 9-week period. This format gives participants a chance to absorb what they’ve learned and try out new  skills before going on to the next session.

NOTE: The AGTS Manager’s Academy is equivalent to upper division college course work. It requires participants to take an active role in related activities, assignments and large and small group discussions. For this reason, we ask that participants fill out a registration application/statement of commitment — available on the AGTS website or by calling 480-967-7544, x2.


  • Meet the requirements described under Who Should Attend above.
  • AGTS Supervisor’s Academy or equivalent training.
  • Completion of Manager’s Academy Application and Statement of Commitment.
  • Knowledge of your Myers-Briggs Temperament Type. (Contact AGTS for details.)

Topics covered include:

  • The 21st Century Manager
  • Creating a Customer Service Climate
  • The EQ Leader
  • The Positive Use of Power and Influence
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Ethics and Ethical Decision Making
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leading Projects and Project Teams–An Introduction
  • Strategic Thinking
MGT53 40.0 3.0 3.4
50.5 hours

Employees with operational responsibility for more than one work group (or who may have such a responsibility in the future) and/or who play a relatively broad role within the organization in terms of leadership, decision making, and integration of results. (Supervisors with extensive direct supervisory experience may also qualify. Contact AGTS for details.)

  • Gain confidence in your role as a manager.
  • Increase your value to the organization.
  • Become proactive in dealing with change.
  • Increase your effectiveness in getting results.