Managing Remote Employees

How to maximize productivity, encourage accountability, build trust, and foster community when team members work offsite.

Class Summary

Live Online Format

For the Zoom version of Managing Remote Employees presented by Laura Royal, content and activities have been adapted to the virtual format, but all content will be covered.

One 3.5-hour session
Laura Royal

Managers and supervisors responsible for supervising remote employees.

  • Greater confidence in your ability to effectively manage offsite employees/teams.
  • Improved team productivity and morale.

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe the most common challenges of managing remote employees/teams.
  • Explain the importance of providing daily structure and tailoring it to each employee situation.
  • Identify a baseline of technology needed to work remotely.
  • Describe five important strategies for communicating with your remote employees/team.
  • Apply practical steps for building trust and community while working apart.
  • List strategies for fostering accountability and success in remote situations.
  • Explain the importance of and strategies for keeping yourself and your team “visible” in the organization.
  • The challenges of working remotely
  • Establishing guidelines for remote work
  • Technology—must haves and nice to haves
  • Critical communication strategies for remote situations
    • Techniques for “connecting” with remote employees
    • Effectively communicating your expectations
  • Practical steps for building trust and community
  • Fostering accountability and success
  • Building and maintaining visibility in the organization