Managing Uncertainty

5 Action Steps for Regaining a Sense of Control in "Out-of-Control" Times

Class Summary

When things “fall apart” and you feel like you are in free-fall or if change is so fast you can’t seem to get a plan in place, there ARE things you can do to feel more in control.  In this powerful one-day workshop, you’ll learn proven techniques to help regroup and move forward.

PRO140 6.0
One 8-hour session
Janet Welch-McGrath

Anyone dealing with uncertain situations or who would like to be prepared when faced with uncertain situations will benefit from this program.

  • Greater confidence in your ability to deal with crises and uncertain situations.
  • Less stress in difficult times.
  • Focused thinking for more effective problem solving.

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • List and practice the 5 action steps for managing uncertainty and crisis situations.
  • Assess a situation and clearly define possible outcomes.
  • Generate an action plan for each possible outcome.
  • Describe methods for staying grounded and focused under the pressure of crisis or uncertainty.
  • Reduce the impact of emotional behavior that originates from crisis and uncertainty.
  • Help others deal more effectively with uncertainty and crisis situations.
  • Facing uncertainty
    • Defining the situation
    • Determining where the uncertainty is coming from
    • Identifying possible outcomes
  • Managing a situation to avoid a bigger problem or crisis
    • The crisis model
    • Phases of crisis
    • The fear continuum
    • Assessing obstacles, making choices
  • The survival kit for staying grounded and focused
    • The emotional model
    • Managing emotions, keeping them functional
    • How to stay positive and realistic under pressure
    • How to communicate without defensiveness
    • Coping strategies that will lead you into the future
  • Reducing the impact of uncertainty and crisis situations
    • How to help others deal with uncertainty and crisis
    • Avoiding “sympathy trauma” when helping others cope
    • Techniques for reducing tension and anxiety caused by uncertainty or crisis
  • Summary and action planning