The Art of Followership

Attitudes and behaviors that drive career success

Class Summary

In this fascinating half-day program you’ll be introduced to the interactive relationship between followership and leadership. You’ll review the key attitudes and behaviors of effective followership, understand how successful individuals at all levels of the organization use both followership and leadership behavior to achieve goals, and you’ll learn how you can apply a mix of these behaviors to increase your job satisfaction and career success.

PDV160 3.5
One 4-hour session
Aaron Peterson

Anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the leadership/followership dynamic and how to use behaviors from both skill sets to increase personal and organization effectiveness.

  • An opportunity for Increased personal and organization effectiveness
  • An opportunity for greater job and career satisfaction

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe the relationship between followership and leadership.
  • Describe a four-quadrant model of typical followership behavior.
  • Describe how “engagement levels” relate to individual followership styles.
  • Recognize a followership style based on observable behaviors.
  • Name the three followership choices we make every day and apply them to a case study.
  • Develop a strategy for moving behavior from a less-effective to a more effective followership style.

I. Introduction to followership

A. Research on followership
B. The source of historical leadership styles

II. Compare/contrast followership to leadership

A. How followership strengthens leadership
B. How leadership strengthens followership

III. A followership model

A. Dimensions of followership
B. Specific behaviors

IV. Three everyday followership choices

A. How we make decisions
B. How we can use this knowledge to be more effective

V. Case study

A. Abraham Lincoln and followership/leadership
B. Applying what you’ve learned

VI. Action planning for greater effectiveness