True Colors®

Class Summary

(based on last 3 sessions)

Note: This class is only offered as an in-person session. Interested in an on-line live version? —  please call for options. 

Each of us has our own style, preferences, and ways of working.   The True Colors® Personal Success Seminar will help you explore your own and others’ distinctive personality strengths and stressors.  You’ll learn to respect and appreciate differences in the way people function, and you’ll better understand relationship building, effective communication, and team dynamics.

This hands-on, interactive seminar is filled with practical and useful activities that will help you apply the True Colors® concepts to your personal and professional life for immediate payoff.

PDV348 3.5 Combinable 0.27
One 4-hour session
Laura Royal or Michael Horne

Anyone who would like to build more positive, productive relationships.

  • Improved relationships.
  • Stronger teams.
  • Greater productivity.
  • Improved morale and greater job satisfaction.

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand True Colors® and the lineage of temperament theory.
  • Identify your individual True Colors® spectrum.
  • Improve skills in effectively interacting with others.
  • Apply True Colors® in your personal and professional life.