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There are eight ways to save on AGTS professional development programming . . .

Enroll 3 or more people in any one-day public class (buy 3, get a 4th free–see each class for details)

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Become an AGTS member (save on both public and on-site classes)

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Join the AGTS President’s email mailing list

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Bring a class on site if you have 8 or more people to be trained.

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If you are a graduate of the AGTS Supervisor’s Academy there are several “post-grad” topics that are available at deep discounts.

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Allow “piggyback” enrollments in an on-site class if you have extra seats available.

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Enroll for a refresher.

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Partner with other organizations in your region.

AGTS got its start by organizations going in together on common training needs. Contact the AGTS President/CEO for details —

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A Win-Win Situation

Joining our email list is beneficial for both you and for us. Here’s how!


Here’s how you benefit:

  • You’ll receive regular updates on upcoming training opportunities.
  • We’ll notify you of on-line specials not advertised elsewhere.
  • You can “e” back with questions, suggestions, or concerns at any time.

Here’s how AGTS benefits:

  • Being able to e-mail you helps us cut costs (less paper, postage, and handling).
  • When you forward out e-mails, you help us spread the word about AGTS and our offerings.

Refresher Sessions Just $49!

Need a refresher on something you’ve taken in the past that is coming up in our public schedule? If you’d like to revisit a program you’ve taken in the last 5 years, fill out the registration form and mention “refresher” in the comments box at the end of the form. We’ll take it from there.

Supervisor’s Academy “Postgrad” Discounts

There are several topics that qualify as continuing education options for past participants of the AGTS Supervisor’s Academy. Each carries a sizable discount for graduates. See all “Postgrad” Topics.