Stephanie Eubanks, M.A.

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Stephanie Eubanks helps your employees write email, letters, and other business documents that:

  • Leave readers with answers, not questions
  • Help readers meet deadlines
  • Help organizations save time and money
  • Create strong, trusting relationships with readers

Stephanie’s experience

Stephanie has been helping employees write it right for 30+ years. Owner of Eubanks Business Communication, she has taught hundreds of online and onsite business writing classes, in various industries. These include city and county government, electrical and mechanical, electronics, gaming, health care insurance, internet/cable/phone communications, and tax.

Relevant, unthreatening writing training

Stephanie custom tailors your training materials from your group’s own email, letters, and other documents. This gives your employees the advantage of training that’s relevant to their on-the-job writing tasks. They’ll love learning from exercises that make it easy and fun to discover what they’re doing right. And they’ll feel unthreatened when they discover what they need to change. Then they’ll enjoy practicing how to write more effectively, using Stephanie’s proven tips and tools. 

Stephanie’s warm energy and light humor make it easy for even your most introverted employees to learn from her classes. And to enjoy them!

Related career roles

Stephanie spent 13 years teaching writing at the University of California at Irvine. A longtime ATD member, she edited print newsletters for the Orange County chapter in CA and the Valley of the Sun chapter in AZ. She holds a master’s degree in English from the University of New Mexico.