How To Become An AGTS Trainer

Thank you for your interest in AGTS and in learning more about training, facilitation, or consulting for us on a contract basis.

What We Look For

We contract exclusively with experienced trainers, facilitators, and consultants — those with at least 5 years of recent experience. In trainers/facilitators we look for top-notch platform skills and a solid grounding in adult learning practices, group dynamics, and group process. If you are interested in training for us, we require that you have current leader’s guides and participant workbooks for each topic submitted. The workbook should be available on diskette.

We require references and, if you are interested in training work, evaluation summaries from recent classes. Ratings of at least 4.5 on a 5-point scale means you are in the right league.

The Selection Process


We accept applications from individuals who can provide back-up for existing programs or consulting topics. We are also on the lookout for new and pertinent training topics to add to our course catalog.



We are looking for top candidates and hold our instructors to high standards. Should you meet our criteria and we have an identified need, you may be called to arrange an audition.



If you are interested in training or facilitation, an AGTS evaluator will assess your platform/facilitation skills in a real-time session. A video taped presentation/facilitation demonstrating your skills may be considered in lieu of an audition. If you are interested in consulting, an interview may be scheduled.

Get Started Today

To request an AGTS Trainer Application Packet, email or call 480-967-7544, extension 2.