Communication Skills Academy

Participant Comments

Communication Basics–the Important Foundation

  • “The instructor related material to the work environment and to everyday life.”
  • “The examples given were very helpful to my understanding.”
  • “Working in groups was a plus.”
  • “Very effective and engaging instructor.”
  • “The class was informative, interactive and fun.”

Communication Skills for Conflict Situations

  • “The instructor was knowledgeable and enthusiastic.”
  • “Program was really helpful, not just canned–well organized and interesting.”
  • “I appreciated the opportunity to reflect on past situations and how I could handle them more effectively in the future.” 
  • “Instructor used real life experiences to explain the concepts well.”

Communication Skills and EQ

    • “Very helpful class–I appreciated the reference handouts. They’ll be useful when putting new skills into practice.”
    • “The process of learning more about EQ was very useful and interesting. It will help me in day-to-day life at work and at home.”
    • “I appreciated the one-on-one coaching.”
    • “Was so much more than communication. I learned a lot about myself.”