The Supervisor's Academy

Participant Comments

“The Supervisors Academy was amazing!  So much food for thought with many helpful ideas and methods. “

Absolutely worth the time and $ commitment. Hands on learning modules kept us engaged and helped us apply/retain what we learned.”

“I really enjoyed the whole Academy and got so much out of it! What a great opportunity to meet different people and to share our knowledge.  The reference materials provided each week will be valuable tools back on the job.”

“I will recommend the program to others.  I really liked the format of having different instructors present in their area(s) of expertise.  Their practical experience was invaluable.” 

“The AGTS Supervisor’s Academy has been a great experience for me not only for use at work but in my personal life too.” 

“All classes were interesting and useful.  I’m grateful to have been selected to attend.” 

“These last eleven weeks have set the stage for me to grow as an employee and as a future supervisor.”

“This academy series has increased and matured my management skills.  It’s making a difference in all aspects of my work.”

“For me this academy was a great opportunity.  I learned a lot about myself and how to be more effective as a supervisor.”

“The Academy has provided me with a large toolbox that will serve me well as I transition to a management role.”